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We believe in teaching students to think for themselves,to develop their own opinions and to get excited about learning new things even outside the classroom. 

Our Core Educational Values :

  • That all children can learn and are entitled to safe and caring learning environments.

  • That students from many countries and cultures can work together to create a unique and caring learning community.

  • In the importance of developing graduates who become contributing citizens of the communities in which they live and have the abilities and attitudes to create a positive influence in any field they choose.

At AGS students are: 

  • Challenged - Experiences that stretch the students capacities ultimately lead to personal and academic growth. Success is defined by having been challenged and consequently learning and growing from the experience.

  • Respected - Students bring diverse experiences to their classrooms, they contribute their voices to the community of learners. Students need to feel respected and to be respectful of others.

  • Encouraged - What students do with knowledge is more important than simply comprehending or acquiring it. Students need the support of parents, teachers and peers to develop knowledge beyond the recognition and comprehension stages. Being able to analyze and evaluate information leads students to be creative and become critical thinkers.

  • Self-directed, self-reliant, self-confident, self-motivated - Developing a positive sense of self in a child is a long and patient process that is very rewarding for parents, teachers and students alike. Independence comes in stages and emerges when children are continuously provided with positive learning experiences.

  • Thinkers - When students are encouraged to develop the skills and strategies needed to interpret, analyze, evaluate, infer, synthesize and explain information, they reach a level of meta-cognition that enables creative and critical thinking. Developing creative and critical thinkers today ensures that our next generation of leaders will have the cognitive skills to solve problems locally, regionally and globally.

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