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Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) follows the Nova Scotia curriculum in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Education. The program offered at Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is accreditated by the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. Students who meet the requirements of the Nova Scotia Department of Education graduate with the Nova Scotia High School Diploma.

The program is taught in English and students must meet the same graduation requirements as students in Nova Scotia public schools. Transcripts are produced by the Department of Education in Nova Scotia from marks securely stored on an online student information system.

The AGS Academic Program will lead to a Nova Scotia High School Diploma from the province of Nova Scotia. This Nova Scotia diploma will afford students the opportunity to enter post secondary studies at prestigious universities and colleges anywhere in the world.


The Queen Elizabeth II Medal is awarded to a grade 12 student who has fulfilled the requirements for a Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma, having demonstrated superior academic achievement in grades 10, 11 and 12 and maintained an outstanding record in school and community involvement.

The Governor General's Academic Medal is awarded to a grade 12 student who achieves the highest average upon graduation, this average must include all grades 11 and 12 courses as listed on Nova Scotia Public School Programs.

The Lieutenant Governor's Medal is awarded to one female student and one male student in grade 11 who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and service in the school and community and commendable performance in the courses in which they have enrolled.


Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) has elementary classes from KGII to Grade 6. Elementary classes taught include: English Language Arts (speaking and listening, reading and writing, viewing and other ways of representing), Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science by qualified teachers with Canadian teaching licenses. Visual arts is integrated across the curriculum. Specialist teachers teach Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Physical Education and French Language. French is a compulsory program from Grade 4 to Grade 9.

With the principles of learning in mind, teachers offer a supportive learning environment for their students, interacting with them ,and guiding, facilitating, directing and extending their learning.


Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) has Junior High classes from Grade 7 to Grade 9. Junior High students are taught:

  1. English Language Arts

  2. French Language

  3. Physical Education

  4. Mathematics

  5. Arabic Language

  6. Technology Education

  7. Integrated Science

  8. Islamic Studies

  9. Social Studies

  10. Music and Art

  11. Moral Education

  12. Healthy Living

With the principles of learning in mind, the Junior High School environment is designed to support the unique physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes that characterize adolescence.


Students who accumulate a minimum of 18 credits starting from Grade 10 - Grade 12 are awarded the High School Graduation Diploma of Nova Scotia. The H.E Minister of Education in the United Arab Emirates on 10th June 1998 confirmed that this Diploma is equivalent to the Official General Secondary Certificate of the United Arab Emirates.

Students who wish to have equivalency of the Nova Scotia diploma with UAE are required to provide documents to Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

To know more about the Graduation requirements refer to accreditation page.

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