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Why do we have a School Advisory Council ?

  • To assist with advice in developing school policies.

  • To maintain effective communication through circulating information via school newsletter and webpage.

  • To establish a school sub-committee to review the student code of conduct.

  • To provide all partners with a voice in decision making.

  • To advise the principal and staff on the school-level issues related to curriculum and programs,school policies which promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment.

What does the School Advisory Council consist of ?

Staff: Principal, 1 Elementary teacher, 1Junior/Senior High teacher, 1 Arabic/Islamic teacher, 1 Support staff.
Non-staff: 1 Community member, 3 parents.
Students: 1 student from Elementary, 2 students from Junior/Senior High Student Council.

Efforts will be made to reflect the diversity of the community of the school.

How can you become a member of the School Advisory Council ?

  • Sign up at the Reception or inform the school about your interest in participation.

  • If you need more information please contact the Reception and book an appointment with a SAC member.

To know about the By-Laws click on the link below :


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