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Student Council offers AGS students the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide initiatives, events, and community causes. While representing AGS, the student council members will carry out many responsibilities, promote pride in their school, and demonstrate leadership in the community. The student council is also a conduit of communication between students and the administration at AGS, and will share any student concerns that may arise throughout the year. They will be promoting school spirit through student involvement in school-wide events.

Duties of the Student Council Members


  • Act as the liaison between the Student Council and administration.

  • Plans the agendas for the weekly meetings.

  • Runs the weekly meetings.

  • Represents the council at various functions.

  • Exemplifies good school citizenship.

Vice President

  • Represents the president in his absence.

  • Ensures that all members are engaged in the meeting.

  • Exemplifies good school citizenship.


  • Takes attendance.

  • Takes notes at the weekly meetings and keeps accurate records.

  • Types minutes and reports the minutes from the previous meeting.

  • Exemplifies good school citizenship.


  • Keeps detailed records of all money earned and spent by the student council monthly.

  • Prepares a report of expenditures and transactions monthly.

  • Keeps the student council advisor informed at all times.

  • Exemplifies good school citizenship.


Elections Process

The elections usually take place in May in order for the student council members to have sufficient time to plan their agendas for the upcoming year.

Requirements for running for the student council:

  1. Students running for the president (ONLY Gr. 12 students). 

  2. Vice president (Gr. 11 & 12 students) positions should maintain an average of 75% or above for the entire school year.

  3. Students running for the treasurer and secretary positions (Gr. 10 - 12 students) should maintain an average of 70% or above for the entire school year.

  4. Students should have no reports of any behavioural issues.

  5. The administration has the right to disqualify any candidates due to chronic lateness or behavioural issues.

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