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This class is a foundation art course that engages students to develop their creative, expressive and technical processes in the arts. They will have the opportunity to develop confidence in their work and widen their awareness for the arts in their own and others cultures of the world

The course is divided into units:

  1. Drawing 

  2. Colour

  3. Art & Culture

  4. Three Dimensional Art

Students will focus on developing critical and creative thinking skills to produce original and meaningful art pieces. These skills will advance through a variety of art making processes including drawing, painting, 3D work, art history research, class discussion and sketchbook assignments. There will be opportunities for refection as well as constructive input from their classmates.

Assessment will be based on: cumulative sketchbook work, independent projects, performance tasks and written reflections. Students will be provided with assessment criteria for each project.

Visual Arts will help students learn in:

  1. Communication 

  2. Problem Solving 

  3. Technical Competence

  4. Personal Development

  5. Creative Expression 

  6. Citizenship


Communication Technology helps students develop their technical and communication skills using a variety of computer software and hands on media. Students will explore some of today’s technologies that are influencing and shaping our world and cultures.

The course is divided into the units:

  1. Digital Illustration & Imaging 

  2. Product & Packaging

  3. Graphic Design

  4. Typography

They will learn through problem solving, critical and creative thinking about technology and the role it plays in our lives. Students will explore communication design by looking at themes of function, perception, authenticity and persuasion.

Lessons will build on learning to look ahead to skills that may be needed in the future. 

Assessment will be based on: Computer and hands on assignments, research, planning, group and individual projects, presentations, reflective exercises.

Communications Technology will help students learn in: 

  1. Communication 

  2. Problem Solving  

  3. Technological Competence

  4. Personal Development 

  5. Creative Expression 


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