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A.G.S Athletic department is the main health division in our school devoted to enhance the mental and physical well being of the students. At Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) we believe that playing sports or engaging in extracurricular activities play an important part in student's character/personality development. One develops management skills, negotiation skills, communication skills, convincing skills, conflict management and confidence.

We aim to guide our students based on 2 principles:

  • Sports in psychology and life helps develop team spirit, leadership skills, fairplay, never give up attitude and focus. It is a great leveller, helps us know our strengths and abilities, understand process and result, the value of planning, earnestness and sincerity, observation and analysis.

  • Psychology in sports helps develop a positive attitude, respect for the opponent, competitive instinct, and a never give up attitude. Fear of losing adds to stress while stress should be used as a motivating factor. Sports help develop the attitude of never being unduly bothered about consequences; it also helps develop a positive body language.

Our objectives:
Through five broad objectives, our school aims to increase the number and diversity of students participating in sport:

  • Introduction to sport: Students have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to participate in organized and unorganized sport.

  • Recreational sport: Students have the opportunity to participate in sport for fun, health, social interaction and relaxation.

  • Competitive sport: Students have the opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition in a safe and ethical manner.

  • Educational sport: Students are systematically achieving a world-class knowledge through fair and ethical means.

  • Sport for development: Sport is used as a tool for social and economic development, and the promotion of positive values at home and abroad.

Learning performance applied in practice:
Our school sport-based programmes have been shown to improve the learning performance of the student, encouraging school competitive spirit and a desire to succeed academically. As a result to this fact we are involved in ADISSA as full members every year, giving our students a wide choice of play. We participate in sports as football, basketball, rugby, touch rugby, swimming, volleyball, badminton, etc on a competitive level, bringing our students the motivation that they need to thrive.

REAL: Recreation, Enrichment And Learning
At AGS the school day doesn't end with the last class, Our REAL program of comprehensive after school activities provides students, parents, and faculty with the opportunity to spend time in a relaxed environment teaching and learning new skills beyond the classroom curriculum. It also gives students the opportunity to work and build friendships with students from many backgrounds and grades. After school activities start in September, and are offered in 2 terms throughout the year.


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